Paint your leisure with bright colors!
The site was created as a platform not just for sports lovers, but for people who know sports and have their own opinion and view on sports competitions. People watching sports are not alone, but together with friends.

Here you can meet the same enthusiastic people living in different parts of the world.

The site will introduce, provide an opportunity to share their opinions, discuss and argue on sports topics.

And not only to argue, but also to compete with each other, both for the sake of sports interest, and to bet with each other.

Or compete by teaming up - and at the end of the contest, the site will calculate the winners bonus.

The site began its life journey in 2018, as a platform for the competition of ten friends in the predictions at the 2018 World Cup.

But the site was not created for a closed group - everyone from around the world could compete in the forecasts. Those who wanted to create their own teams and competed not only with each other, but also in the overall standings.

And at the end of the World Cup, the venue calculated the winnings of the winners - and with these funds a fun party was organized.

But this is a separate story, about a separate group of forecasters ...

And for those who want to receive a tangible prize for their knowledge, the site provides the option of calculating winnings in a team of forecasters. This option in the dynamics shows who and how much owes according to the results of recent matches.